At A1 Tree Service our arborists are certified and professionally trained in arboriculture. They have Qualified Line Clearance which gives them the ability to work near power lines, they are able to climb tall trees using the proper safety requirements, and are able to make educated decisions for all your tree care needs.

Having arborists on our team gives us the ability to provide appropriate solutions, such as pruning trees for good health and structure, artistic reasons, and to permit people to walk under them, or to keep them away from wires, fences, buildings and homes. A1 Will work with our customer to make sure the proper methods of treatment are used depending on the species of tree and the purpose of work.

Arborists services include:

  • Pruning, to ensure the health, appearance and safety of your trees.

  • Planting, providing recommendations on species based on climate, location or personal preference.

  • Insect and Disease control, providing maintenance or treatment options for best tree health.

  • Emergency Tree Care, tree risk assessment and/or emergency tree care.

  • Tree Removal, when the decision is made to completely remove

A1 Tree Service is dedicated in giving you the proper service you need.


A1 came and gave quote, did the work, and cleaned up. Awesome job! They were respectful, efficient, and safety oriented. Great team work! Last time we had the spruce trees worked on was at least 15 years ago, this was a big job! Well done! Will use them again for sure.  - Brenda

After giving me a timely quote, A1 Tree Services showed up and delivered as promised. They worked safely, efficiently and left the yard looking great!! Thank you for the great service!


I phoned Matthew and he came out that day to give me an estimate. They even started the job right away once we decided to use them. These guys were amazing. They did the whole job in under 5 hours, and they took down two huge trees and pruned another. They were efficient and capable. I would recommend them. I give them a 90% on cleanup of the job site.


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