Why Hire an Arborist?

Arborist specialize in the care of individual trees. The are trained with the proper knowledge and equipment to provide the proper care for your trees. Pruning or removing, especially large trees, can be dangerous work, having a trained arborist eliminates the possibility of danger or harm to yourself and innocent bystanders.

When selecting an arborist make sure they have insurance and workers compensation as you can be held responsible if an uninsured worker gets hurt on your property or if the arborist damages your neighbour’s property.

Ask questions! Do they have any reference’s? how many years experience do they have? Can they provide a detailed contract? The last thing you need is unexpected fees at the end of a job.

Get a quote. You can have an arborist come out for a consultation without having any work done. Be away of work-estimates that fall well below the average. Professional work is not cheap, a good arborists has the proper insurance, equipment and skills for the job.

Did you know you can only prune Elm trees between October and March?

That's right!

There is a provincial pruning ban for Elm trees between April 1st and September 30th. The Ban is set in place to help prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease.

Elm bark beetles are attracted to freshly pruned trees, pruning Elm trees when the beetles are dormant will help with reducing the risk of your Elm trees attracting these little critters.

Helpful tips to know:

-Water your Elm trees every 2-3 weeks between the months of April and mid August, then once again in the Fall before freezing temperatures.

-Dispose of any Elm clippings and wood at the city landfill, keeping Elm trees for fire wood is a breeding ground for Dutch Elm Beetles.

-Mulch trees properly. No deeper then 4 inches and 4 inches away from your tree, you can spread the mulch as far as desired. Doing this will help give the soil nutrients, keep stable water levels and temperatures.

-Remember, prune trees only between the months of October and March to help prevent the spread of the disease.

dutch elm disease.png

Hedge Trimming

Why Hire a Professional?

  Professionals know proper pruning techniques and have the right tools. Poor pruning can cause permanent damage. using high quality trimmers and proper ladders are key when trimming and pruning for form and structure. We also provide weeding and raking of garden beds as part of our yard cleanups. Our tree and shrub experts can ensure your plants’ health and increase your bloom results with only a few well-timed pruning services.


Tree pruning is best done in the Fall during your tree’s dormant months. Flowering shrubs are best pruned after blooming periods

Reasons why you might have to remove your tree...

Trees are beautiful, they clean the air, they are homes to various wildlife and create unity in our neighborhoods.

Sometimes, though, they might need to be removed, for various reasons such as:

  • Your tree is diseased or dying.
  • You have a tree that is close to your home and is causing damage.
  • Branches are growing into power lines or causing any other hazard.
  • A tree that is not aesthetically appealing because of the way it's growing.
  • Natural sunlight isn't getting into your home because of an oversized tree.

Safety can also be an issue, if there's a risk of a tree falling. Continually removing dead wood from tree can become quite expensive. If you notice the roots of a tree causing any damage to your lawn or your home you may consider cutting the tree down.

Is your tree healthy? if it's 50% dead it should be removed, or if the trunk is damaged and show signs of internal decay it probably should be removed.

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