Reasons why you might have to remove your tree...

Trees are beautiful, they clean the air, they are homes to various wildlife and create unity in our neighborhoods.

Sometimes, though, they might need to be removed, for various reasons such as:

  • Your tree is diseased or dying.
  • You have a tree that is close to your home and is causing damage.
  • Branches are growing into power lines or causing any other hazard.
  • A tree that is not aesthetically appealing because of the way it's growing.
  • Natural sunlight isn't getting into your home because of an oversized tree.

Safety can also be an issue, if there's a risk of a tree falling. Continually removing dead wood from tree can become quite expensive. If you notice the roots of a tree causing any damage to your lawn or your home you may consider cutting the tree down.

Is your tree healthy? if it's 50% dead it should be removed, or if the trunk is damaged and show signs of internal decay it probably should be removed.

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