Why Hire an Arborist?

Arborist specialize in the care of individual trees. The are trained with the proper knowledge and equipment to provide the proper care for your trees. Pruning or removing, especially large trees, can be dangerous work, having a trained arborist eliminates the possibility of danger or harm to yourself and innocent bystanders.

When selecting an arborist make sure they have insurance and workers compensation as you can be held responsible if an uninsured worker gets hurt on your property or if the arborist damages your neighbour’s property.

Ask questions! Do they have any reference’s? how many years experience do they have? Can they provide a detailed contract? The last thing you need is unexpected fees at the end of a job.

Get a quote. You can have an arborist come out for a consultation without having any work done. Be away of work-estimates that fall well below the average. Professional work is not cheap, a good arborists has the proper insurance, equipment and skills for the job.