Did you know you can only prune Elm trees between October and March?

That's right!

There is a provincial pruning ban for Elm trees between April 1st and September 30th. The Ban is set in place to help prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease.

Elm bark beetles are attracted to freshly pruned trees, pruning Elm trees when the beetles are dormant will help with reducing the risk of your Elm trees attracting these little critters.

Helpful tips to know:

-Water your Elm trees every 2-3 weeks between the months of April and mid August, then once again in the Fall before freezing temperatures.

-Dispose of any Elm clippings and wood at the city landfill, keeping Elm trees for fire wood is a breeding ground for Dutch Elm Beetles.

-Mulch trees properly. No deeper then 4 inches and 4 inches away from your tree, you can spread the mulch as far as desired. Doing this will help give the soil nutrients, keep stable water levels and temperatures.

-Remember, prune trees only between the months of October and March to help prevent the spread of the disease.

dutch elm disease.png