A1 Tree Service offers a variety of Calgary’s most popular trees.

Ohio Buckeye

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Ohio Buckeye is our most unique tree, with unusual white flowers, nuts, good fall color and a compact growth habit, curiously fan-shaped leaves; susceptible to leaf scorch in dry sites, spiny seeds may necessitate some maintenance, hardy.
Size Offered: 50mm & 80mm

Tristis Poplar

most popular trees

Tristis Poplar is a large and fast-growing shade tree with a rounded crown; fragrant, balsam scented buds in spring; bright yellow fall color; somewhat aggressive root system so don’t plant too near a home; a sterile hybrid that does not produce fluff.

Size Offered: 80mm & 100mm

Green Ash

The Green Ash is a hardy and fast-growing, prospers under most conditions. Lance-shaped leaflets are a lustrous medium to dark green, turning yellow in fall. Crown is densely rounded or irregular, leaf stems are velvety. Grows to 50′ to 60′, 25′ spread.
Size Offered: 60mm & #15

White Spruce

White Spruce is a large tree with a narrow crown, it can grow to 40 metres tall and 1 metre in diameter when mature.

Size Offered: 200mm & 300mm

Bur Oak

Bur Oak is tolerant of a variety of moisture and soil conditions, adapts well to urban settings. Its fringed acorns are food for wildlife. A very long-lived tree. Prefers full sun. Grows 70′ to 80′, 80′ spread.
Size Offered: 50mm & 70mm

Mayday Tree

Mayday tree is a flowering plant in the rose family Rosaceae. It is a species of cherry, a deciduous small tree or large shrub up to 16m tall.

Size Offered: 60mm & #15

Dolgo Crab Apple

Dolgo Crab Apple boasts masses of white blossoms in the spring. The flavourful red fruit is very high in pectin so is considered to be the best crab apple of the last 200 years for making jelly. Tree resists apple scab and adapts well to Canada’s coldest climates. The bright red fruit hangs on tree for long time adding ornamental appeal. We graft Dolgo trees on our own very hardy rootstock that will handle any kind of soil condition from heavy clay bottom lands to sandy/stony hillsides.
Size Offered: 50mm & 80mm

September Ruby Apple tree

September Ruby Apple tree is the ultimate hardy apple tree, no amount of frost can kill it. Moderately resistant to fire blight, it’s annually productive and a vigorous grower with high yields. September Ruby will benefit from thinning by giving you bigger fruit (3 inches +) instead of smaller apples. As with all our other apple trees, September Ruby is grafted on full size standard hardy rootstock.

Size Offered: 50mm & 60mm

Royalty Flowering Crab

Royalty Flowering Crab Attractive and low-maintenance. 1In early spring, fragrant royal-red clusters bloom along the branches. Deep burgundy foliage shimmers throughout the round canopy of this upright growing tree all summer long. Come fall, cherry-sized deep red fruit makes an excellent food source for wildlife. Fruit hangs into winter, providing colorful seasonal interest. Cold-hardy. Matures to be 12-15′ tall and wide.

Size Offered: 50mm & #7

Brandon Elm

Brandon Elm is an extremely hardy and large shade tree with an upright vase-shaped growth habit and a very dense branch structure. The tree has dark green leaves that are serrated and are green turning an outstanding gold in fall. Also has a deep furrowed gray bark. This is a relatively low maintenance tree that also has a pruning ban between April 1st and September 30th to prevent the spread of Dutch elm disease. A more compact selection of American Elm and a better choice for home landscapes to provide shade or as a large street tree.

Size Offered: 50mm & 80mm

Tower Poplar

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Tower Poplar is a fast growing, tall columnar tree that closely resembles the Swedish aspen. It produces no fluff, requires minimal maintenance and no pruning. It can tolerate drought and thrives in poor soils. Tower Poplar is most commonly planted in shelterbelts and as a privacy or shade tree.
Size offered: 60mm, 70mm & 80mm

Black Hill Spruce

Black Hill Spruce is a large evergreen tree with a central trunk and dense, ascending, lateral branches from the ground up that form a broad pyramidal to conical crown. It varies from the typical white spruce in its denser, more compact habit and slower growth rate. The brown cylindrical cones appear in late July and may persist on the tree into January. It is better adapted than the white spruce. It grows best in acidic, moist loams with full sun, but adapts to a variety of conditions including shade, drought, hot and cold. It is flood intolerant and sensitive to soil compaction.
Size Offered: 200mm & 300mm

Russian Olive

Russian Olive Trees are An excellent small tree for color contrast use, with true silver foliage all season long; also features subtle yellow flowers with an overwhelming fragrance and small silver berries; an excellent choice for dry, windy sites or alkaline soils.
Russian Olive has attractive silver foliage throughout the season. The fuzzy narrow leaves are highly ornamental but do not develop any appreciable fall colour. It features subtle fragrant lemon yellow bell-shaped flowers along the branches in late spring. The fruit is not ornamentally significant. The peeling brown bark and silver branches add an interesting dimension to the landscape.
Size Offered: 50mm & 70mm