A1 provides 3 different types of tree pruning services

Clearance and Hazardous Pruning

Remove specific branches as discusses with client, including:
– Branches that threaten/ encroach on utilities
– Branches that threaten/ encroach on property or property line
– Branches that are damaged or broken

Full Prune

Removal of branches will include:
– Clearance and Hazardous Pruning
– Removal of crossing / rubbing branches
– Removal of diseased, dead or damaged branches (dead-wooding)
– Removal of suckers and branches that the arborist
determines to be impeding the health of the tree

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Tree Shaping / Size Reduction

Trees can be shaped and size reduced according to the requirements of the customer. The degree of shaping or size reduction will be discussed prior to the start of the job. Tree shaping / size reduction is not included in a full prune. This service involves the talent, expertise and artistry of the arborist.