Tree Injection Service in Calgary

Trees provide tremendous value to your home. However, one single tree in your yard or acres of woods on your property can all be affected by invasive insects. You can retain your property value by protecting the trees from pests, disease, and nutrient deficiencies.

Application of insecticides using Tree Injection is a Fast, Easy, and Precise way to achieve pest and insect control in trees. This method is increasingly replacing seasonal spray treatments of trees while providing an invaluable ecological service in landscapes and urban zones by reducing the exposure of topically applied chemicals to the environment from spray drift.

How Does Tree Injection Work

We use Arborjet’s IMA-Jet to provide protection and quality nutrients like phosphorous, potassium, iron and low dose nitrogen to your trees. Arborjet’s products are injected directly into the transport system of your trees to ensure the treatment is Fast Acting, Effective, Environmentally Responsible, & Long Lasting.

A small plug, called the Arborplug® is inserted into a drilled hole in the tree. A needle is inserted through the Arborplug® and the treatment is injected.  A precise dose of formulation is injected directly inside the transport system of the tree. Formulations are quickly distributed through the trunk, branches and leaf tissue.

The Arborplug® keeps the injected formulation inside the tree and it stays inside the tree with no adverse reactions. The tree grows right over the Arborplug®.

Step 1

Give us a Call

Call us at 403-992-6205 and our tree service professionals will inspect your trees to identify pest problems or threats.

Step 2

Get treatment for your tree

Once tree problems are identified, our tree service professionals will put your trees on a custom Arborjet treatment program.

Step 3

Get Satisfaction

To ensure satisfaction, our tree service professionals will revisit your property to inspect your trees and recommend how to keep them healthy.

Advantages of Tree Injection

Quick and Easy – Our arborists can quickly apply the insecticide with the simple trunk injection process. Unlike sprays and oils, inclement weather will not affect the ability to apply the insecticide.

Safe – Since the chemical is injected directly into the tree, people and wildlife will not be exposed to the chemicals and the tree will get the precise dose it needs.

Long-term Protection – Insecticide injections work throughout the tree’s trunk and branches, offering a long-lasting solution.

Eco-friendly – The trunk injection method is completely safe to use near bodies of water parks, playgrounds, golf courses, etc. because the solution is sealed inside of the tree.

Save Your Tree Now

Tree Injection protects against harmful Beetles, Boring insects, Aphids, Caterpillars, Mites, Larvae, common fungus and bacterial infections.


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Common Invasive Insects in Calgary

The invasive species that threaten Calgary’s trees that you should be on the lookout for are:

If you think your trees may be infested with these invasive organisms, our certified arborists can perform a full evaluation of your trees and decide on the best plan of attack for efficient bug control.

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Here at A1 Tree Services, we are very confident in the quality an efficacy of our Tree Injection Service.
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