Stump Grinding

A1 has three stump grinding packages:


We will grind immediate trunk area of trump to 2” below the ground level. Mulch and soil will be left on site.

The general area may still have a stump mound, un-level ground and roots will remain behind.


We will grind trunk area of stump plus a distance of 12” out from stump perimeter to a depth of approx. 4”-6” below ground level.

Rake and level worksite area and surrounding lawn, fill depression with mulch/soil mixture & remove the remainder of mulch and soil.

Some root mound and roots will remain in the ground and on surface of lawn. settling of the area in years to come may occur but unlikely.


We will do a complete removal of stump mound to a depth adequate for the homeowners purpose for future land use.

Removal of roots from lawn surface, raking, re-contouring and cleanup of stump site and surrounding lawn & backfill the area with onsite mulch/soil mixture.

The yard will appear as though no tree existed with only open soil and woodchips. Some small roots and traces of root may remain onsite below ground level. Settling of the area in years to come may occur but unlikely.