Hedge & Bush Trimming

Get 'R Done...With A1

A1 Tree Service also provides shrub & Hedge trimming services in the Calgary area. Our team of experienced professionals has helped customers maintain their plants to create both stunning curb appeal and tranquil backyards.

We are licensed and insured, available to trim all types and sizes of bushes, hedges & Shrub Trimming Services. We’ll work with you to get everything in great shape, then create an ongoing trimming and shaping plan to ensure your hedges are healthy and good-looking for many years.

Bush Trimming

Our comprehensive hedge and bush services include:

  • Hedge trimming
  • Bush pruning
  • Ornamental shaping
  • Hedge Removal Services
  • Aesthetic Pruning
  • Residential & commercial properties

Why Trim Your Hedges And Shrubs?

Besides enhancing & beautifying your yard and improving the value of your home, a professional bush trimming can help keep hedges healthy and less prone to attracting bugs by removing dead branches and diseased areas. This also promotes new growth, leading to denser, fuller bushes with fewer bald areas. It also means increased privacy which is likely one of the reasons why you’re growing bushes in the first place!

Last but not least, there’s the safety aspect to consider. A1 Tree Service provides hedge, shrub and bush trimming to prevent overgrowth from encroaching on walkways and driveways, creating hazards for people or causing damage to vehicles. We’ll also examine your bushes from the street and trim any areas that might block a driver’s line of sight. If you have children, this can provide peace of mind that they will be safe when playing outside.

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